Association for Higher Education Effectiveness

The Association for Higher Education Effectiveness (AHEE) is a network of higher education professionals who lead or staff offices that intentionally integrate multiple functions (strategic planning, institutional research, assessment, accreditation, program review) to promote and support evidence-based planning and improvement.

Administered by a volunteer board of higher education professionals with over 100 years of combined experience, our goal — and the goal of this website — is to serve as a resource for likeminded professionals.

2Ruane_242.jpg As our mission states, AHEE aims to support and develop leadership that educates, advocates, advises, facilitates, and improves higher education’s capacity to use evidence in decisions, policy, planning, and change for the purpose of improving postsecondary education. Specifically, we are interested in helping to develop integrated “institutional effectiveness” offices that better serve institutions, and, in the process, help to develop the professionals that staff these offices. We’ll do this through professional development and networking opportunities. But, we don’t want to do it alone.   To join the AHEE ListServ, navigate to Google Groups and click “Subscribe to this group.” To contact AHEE, or to offer to volunteer on a Board committee, click here (contact@ahee.org).

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! AHEE Research Papers and Webinars are available!

NEW! AHEE Research Papers

The Case for a Cabinet-Level Chief Institutional Effectiveness Officer at All Colleges and Universities William Knight AHEE | April 2016 A National Profile of Vice Presidents for Institutional Effectiveness William Knight, Cynthia Tweedell AHEE | April 2016 Presidential Perspectives on Advancing the Institutional Effectiveness Model Brian Bartolini, William Knight, Sarah Carrigan, Eri Fujieda, Mary Ann LaFleur, Jan Lyddon AHEE | April 2016

AHEE Webinars

“The Integrated Institutional Effectiveness Office | The Program Review Process | Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis: A Case Study” | November 18, 2015 (with gratitude to IUPUI for hosting) An overview of IUPUI’s system of community-based program review. Accompanying white paper – “Community-Based Program Review at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis” – authored by Dr. Trudy Banta, Senior Advisor to the Chancellor for Academic Planning and Evaluation, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

“Developing the Integrated Institutional Effectiveness Office” | April 14, 2015 (with gratitude to Ball State University for hosting) The rationale for, and the composition of, an integrated institutional effectiveness office. Accompanying white paper – “Developing the Integrated Institutional Effectiveness Office” – authored by Dr. William Knight, Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, Ball State University

“Advancing to Senior Level Positions in Institutional Effectiveness” | October 28, 2014 (with gratitude to Ohio Christian University for hosting) Listen to what those who have advanced to senior level positions have to say about how they advanced in the field of institutional effectiveness.



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