About AHEE

Who We Are
The Association for Higher Education Effectiveness is a network of higher education professionals who lead or staff offices that intentionally integrate multiple functions (strategic planning, institutional research, assessment, accreditation, program review) to promote and support evidence-based planning and improvement.

AHEE – Organizational Vision
AHEE will be widely recognized as the premier association dedicated to providing advocacy, professional development, and networking for leaders in integrated institutional effectiveness.

AHEE – Organizational Mission
AHEE is committed to providing the training, resources, and leadership necessary for college and university engagement in integrated institutional effectiveness processes that enhance student learning and support an environment for student success while also ensuring compliance with internal and external accountability expectations.

AHEE’s Definition of Integrated Institutional Effectiveness (IIE)
IIE is the purposeful coordination and integration of functions that foster student success and support institutional performance, quality, and efficiency; those functions include strategic planning, outcomes assessment, institutional research, regional/specialized accreditation, and program/unit review.

AHEE’s Goals (last updated 9/18/2017)
(1) Develop and administer events that educate and train the higher education community on effective practices for all five aspects of IIE.
(a) Conduct an Institute that provides IE professionals with the opportunity to enhance learning and skills for each component of IIE.
(b) Develop and maintain an extensive portfolio of impactful workshops and in person events designed to strengthen IIE capacities.
(c) Develop and maintain an extensive portfolio of impactful virtual events designed to strengthen IIE capacities.

(2) Provide a comprehensive repository of IIE resources through the development of original works and the compilation of existing literature and publications.
(a) House or link to comprehensive electronic collection of literature on IIE practices, processes, structures, and strategies.
(b) Develop and maintain an electronic journal dedicated to enhancing IIE in colleges and universities.
(c) Administer a listserv that provides opportunities for knowledge sharing among the community of IIE professionals.
(d) Develop original research and publications designed to improve IIE practices and grow IIE leadership in higher education.

(3) Develop and support a cadre of IIE leaders positioned to drive impactful strategic and operational change directed at improving student learning and the supporting student success.
(a) Conduct an annual leadership institute designed to enhance the leadership and management skills of IIE professionals.
(b) Develop and administer an IIE certification program that educates IIE professionals on best practices and provides evidence of IIE expertise.
(c) Develop and maintain a list of recognized IIE competences associated with improving student learning and supporting student success.
(d) Develop and maintain a repository of information and resources that increase college and university readiness to address compliance requirements.

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